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Mendel move wisdom questionable PDF Print E-mail

An Op-Ed in the StarPhoenix by Saskatoon artist David Geary, from May 6, 2011

As one of a growing number of established and emerging local artists who question the validity of the proposed Art Gallery of Saskatchewan (AGS), I wonder about the wisdom of the planned closure of the Mendel at its scenic location.

It would be replaced by the AGS at a much less attractive site, wedged between the freeway bridge and the rear of the Persephone Theatre building. The Mendel's closure and move is clearly unpopular in a large part of our art community as well as within broader Saskatoon. This is evidenced by a StarPhoenix poll at the time of the AGS announcement, which revealed that 60 per cent of residents were opposed to it. Two subsequent radio polls also indicated residents are very much opposed to the move, demonstrating the public's deep attachment to the Mendel.

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From the StarPhoenix May 5, 2011 - Letter to the Editor

As a longtime resident of Saskatoon and a lover of fine and performing arts, I add my strong support for keeping the Mendel Art Gallery in its present location with renovation and expansion.

These are my reasons: The location is beautiful and serene, with plenty of parking; the adjoining year-round greenhouse is an added attraction...

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Opposition to art gallery move lingers PDF Print E-mail

From the StarPhoenix Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visual artist David Geary wants Saskatoon to know local artists were not behind the decision to move the Mendel Art Gallery to River Landing.

"We don't want Saskatonians thinking artists were behind this because the citizens are going to have to pay the enormous bill for the new gallery," Geary said.

Although the decision to move the Mendel to the $67-million Art Gallery of Saskatchewan was made in 2009 by the gallery's board of trustees, a movement to reverse the decision persists in Saskatoon. Concerned citizens continue to sign an online petition that has collected more than 1,800 signatures in two years.

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Late changes show folly of city plans PDF Print E-mail

The following Op-Ed by Joe Kuchta appeared recently in the StarPhoenix:

The ground hasn't been broken yet and already the cost of the future Art Gallery of Saskatchewan is escalating. At its Aug. 18 meeting, city council approved spending $510,000 on design fees for additional floor space and a second level of underground parking estimated to cost $8 million. The $8.51 million would increase the new gallery's price tag to $66.51 million from $58 million. The project is behind schedule. Construction on the underground parking was to begin next year, but has been pushed back to 2012...

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Shouldn't Heritage Minister support Canadian heritage, not help destroy it? PDF Print E-mail

Questions about federal support by Martin Lerner

During the first year of Harper’s Conservative government, John Baird, then federal Treasury Board president, stated that cultural organizations looking for federal funds should first line up private sector backing. More recently, Heritage Minister James Moore said, "Certainly where we want to go as a government is to encourage more private sector donations for arts and culture. . . We've done that with our endowment incentive program where we're matching almost dollar for dollar what the private sector invests." Referring to how many arts organizations rely on governments for 90 per cent of their funding, he stated, "That's dangerous. When times get tough and government budgets get lean, arts and cultural organizations collapse."

Letter to the Editor: Credible Mendel stance PDF Print E-mail

The following letter appeared recently in the StarPhoenix:

It's interesting how many people in Saskatoon have never met Fred Mendel but feel qualified to put words in his mouth, saying he would approve moving the Mendel Art Gallery to River Landing.

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Letter to the Editor: Ineptitude Continues PDF Print E-mail

The following letter appeared recently in the StarPhoenix:

All the ills that are described here are simply a continuance of what has become the constant refrain of the inept Mendel management...

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Op Ed: Rationale for new gallery weak PDF Print E-mail

The following Op-Ed by C.J. Cote appeared recently in the StarPhoenix:

In a recent viewpoint articles, Bart Gazzola and Leslie and Helen Coleman commented about the space inadequacies of the present Mendel Art Gallery to justify the need for a new gallery.

I wonder if these writers had given any thought to the notion that renovation plans to alleviate the site inadequacies and provide for future needs of the current gallery were presented to the city and the Mendel board and approved?

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Letter to the Editor: Weak rational for Mendel move PDF Print E-mail

The following letter to the editor appeared recently in the StarPhoenix:

The disrespect being shown toward the Mendel Art Gallery and its namesake, Fred Mendel, is disappointing.

I've lived in Saskatoon for 52 years and remember Mendel's generous gift not only of money but priceless paintings from his own collection to help establish the gallery...

Read the full letter on the StarPhoenix website.

Op Ed: Mendel memory may disappear PDF Print E-mail

Please read the following Op Ed in the StarPhoenix by Chip Mitchell, Grandson of Fred Mendel.

This year marks the 70th anniversary that my grandfather, Fred Mendel, a Jewish refugee barely escaping the Nazi Holocaust, first set foot in Saskatoon and purchased what was a derelict building on 11th Street originally built as The Derby Motor Company during the 1920s. The long-abandoned building was a victim of the worst depression the city, province and world have known.

Read the Full Article on the StarPhoenix website.

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