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Letter to the editor: Shelve new Mendel gallery idea PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor: Barb Nankivell, The StarPhoenix  December 11, 2009

In the column Wall's addiction hurts us all (SP, Dec. 5) Murray Mandryk said Premier Brad Wall has become a spending addict and is looking like the political reincarnation of Grant Devine.

With a billion-dollar deficit, Wall should stop looking for places to spend money and start looking for places to save, Mandryk suggests.

Letter to the Editor: Wrong move by council on Mendel PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor: By Nick Henselmeier, The StarPhoenix December 9, 2009
The announcement of a $58-million replacement for the Mendel gallery at River Landing is irresponsible, as Saskatchewan has just announced a $1.05-billion deficit, its second largest ever.

Letter to the Editor: Mendel location ideal PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor: By C.J. Cote, The StarPhoenix December 2, 2009

Any successful entrepreneur or realtor will expound at length on the importance of "location, location, location!"

The Mendel Gallery has it in spades, occupying a very enviable position as the sole building in the area to attract the attention of passers-by, whether driving, walking, jogging or cycling.

Letter to the Editor: Hold Mendel gallery referendum PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor: By Robert S. Hampton, The StarPhoenix  October 12, 2009

To paraphrase a recent comment by Mayor Don Atchison, some people may be upset with the Mendel hijacking but tough, it's a done deal. People are entitled to their opinion, but his is the right one.

Since the Mayor of Dancing Lights and Parking Lots probably will retain his office through the name recognition vote, maybe it's time to let the public in on this decision process. Let's add a referendum on the ballot and give the citizens a say on this landmark move.

Mendel Volunteers Voice Strong Opposition to Gallery's Destruction PDF Print E-mail

In the CBC news report “Saskatoon OKs art gallery plan” (Tuesday, December 1, 2009), Beverley Caldwell, a longtime volunteer of the Mendel Art Gallery said of the city of Saskatoon’s decision to abandon the existing building: “A lot of the people around the Mendel are very upset by it. I think that you will see the end of the present volunteer program because it’s not true to the nature of the Mendel.”

Can't justify bad idea PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor - By Margi Corbett, The StarPhoenixDecember 4, 2009
City administration's recommendation to strip the Mendel Art Gallery of its name, our legacy, and move its collection to a second-rate location borders on the absurd. Our council has got us into a huge, multifaceted mess called River Landing, and now it wants to save face as expediently as possible.

Owls and Roosters: River Landing debacle has entered realm of the absurd PDF Print E-mail

Joe Kuchta continues to dig into the shady deals and obfuscation surrounding the River Landing project on his Owls and Roosters blog:

"River Landing farce continues as city committee gives Lake Placid ‘unofficial’ extension; Coun. Glen Penner set to betray Aug. 19 vote on deadline..."

Read the full article at Owls and Roosters

Vince Varga supported Mendel Expansion on Spadina - what happened? PDF Print E-mail

Taken from "Mendel Art Gallery names new executive director" The StarPhoenix May 2, 2008

Speaking at a Friday morning news conference announcing his appointment, Varga immediately expressed his support for the expansion and renovation of the gallery. The Mendel requires $21.5 million for the project; of that, $4.6 million has been committed by the city, $4.1 million from the province, and an application for $6.6 million is in the hands of Heritage Canada.

Overwhelming Majority in Ward 4 in Opposition to New Art Gallery PDF Print E-mail

This is an excerpt from Sean Shaw's website:

I strongly believe that the residents of Saskatoon as a whole should be given voice on any decision given the large tax dollar numbers attached to a new art gallery. $58 million is a healthy chunk of taxpayer dollars (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal) and we should be well aware with recent examples that budgets on paper tend to be exceeded in reality (i.e. River Landing ballooning from $35 million to nearly $90 million, and growing). Not to mention the added year-to-year operation costs associated with an art gallery expected to exceed the Mendel in size by nearly five times.

Knights and Pawns Both Serve the King PDF Print E-mail

In the article “Council approves art gallery move” by David Hutton, The StarPhoenix, December 1, Mendel board chair Art Knight states: "The gallery came to the realization that this (renovation and expansion of the existing building) wasn't going to work at the current location . . . We had some stinging advice . . . that (the renovation) wasn't going to fly.” He doesn’t divulge the details of this revelation and doesn’t identify whose advice he was taking.

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